About products

About products


Our approach is to provide on-demand, practical, self-study individual coaching courses on wellness and self-development. We will show people how to formulate their goals and then achieve them. Using modern coaching techniques, we have created digital tools accessible by anyone via subscription using a PC or a mobile phone.

Our clients will:

  • learn to strengthen physical and emotional health
  • find balance and inner harmony
  • shape their life goals
  • become aware of priority values
  • find solutions that lead to change and positive results
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Our company takes a holistic approach to wellness and self-development. Holism, the Greek word for integrity, is a teaching based on the relationship for balance between human  material and spiritual needs. Holistic approaches are being used more and more to help solve life’s problems. As an example, in the treatment and prevention of disease by combining programs in nutrition, natural therapies, exercise, meditation and art therapy.  Our programs fully embrace this holistic concept considering and combining such elements to achieve meaningful results.

Coaching (from the English word coach – to train, instruct) uses positive, cognitive organizational psychology to achieve results. Our company uses proven leading practices in psychology, socionics and philosophy in its coaching techniques combined with elements from ancient Eastern wisdom.

Our coaching programs have been developed by the best specialists in the industry. We have developed, adapted and incorporated neuro-linguistic programming techniques, gestalt therapy, logotherapy, and other techniques into self-learning modules. We have analyzed reports from leading medical universities, interviewed leading wellness experts and adapted time management and leadership programs into an easy learning format. We are confident that the introduction of online coaching into daily life will improve the individual performance, leadership capabilities and motivation of people.

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