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Our products are based on scientific coaching practices. Recent medical studies show that the human brain is not static, that it can and does constantly create new neural networks and pathways, pruning those that are no longer useful while strengthening those most frequently used. By changing the way we think, we can change the neural pathways in our brains, develop new ways of seeing and interacting with the world. Our coaching method is based on the tools and techniques of neuroplasticity.
We offer on affordable online coaching subscription and practical e-learning training as well as access to audio, video, and reading programs. Our aim is to motivate people to formulate their goals in such a way that they can achieve them. Adapting modern coaching techniques to our on-line services, we turn them into first class products, available to everyone in the form of a subscription through the website or mobile app.
Our clients will:

  • integrate awareness and mindfulness into their daily routines;
  • learn to strengthen their physical and emotional health;
  • find balance and inner harmony;
  • identify and set goals in various areas of their lives;
  • become aware of their priorities and values;
  • determine the best solutions for desirable results.
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Our company uses a holistic approach to health and self-development, one that takes into account both the body and mind. The Greek word "holon" can be translated as "integrity." Accordingly, in teaching, holism refers to the direct relationship between the material and the spiritual. Today's holistic approaches are widely used in philosophy, psychology, coaching, and medicine.
Holism has its origins in antiquity; the earliest known reference to a holistic approach appears in China about four thousand years ago. Today it is viewed as a system focused on the treatment and prevention of disease through nutrition, natural remedies, exercise, meditation, art therapy, and other alternative practices. Since the goal of this approach is to find effective solutions to social problems and improve the quality of creative self-realization and personal growth, it is actively used in self-development techniques.
Coaching is based on the methods of positive, cognitive, and organizational psychology. The coaching of our company is based on the world's leading practices in psychology, socionics, and philosophy, and rests on the foundations of ancient Eastern wisdom.
Our coaching relies on a proven method of working with clients. In the past several years, our specialists have developed and adopted neuro-linguistic programming techniques, gestalt therapy, logotherapy, and other techniques. They have analyzed reports from leading medical universities in the world, interviewed the best specialists in the field of wellness; modified time management and leadership techniques to work with a self-learning format. We are confident that by introducing our online coaching into everyday life significantly will improve the performance and leadership qualities of office managers and motivate their staff.


Personal online health coach is a guru of a healthy lifestyle. This online coaching subscription includes programs, and training sessions on various nutritional systems; techniques for restoring and maintaining physical and psychological health; methods for preventing disease and fortifying the immune system. Our coaching system provides information on various methods, systems, and approaches, offers valuable advice and suggestions based on the opinions of leading doctors and scientists. It teaches clients many interesting things about food, dietary supplements, global approaches to improving health and shows them how to listen to their bodies and understand what is right for them.
The users will learn:

  • how to transition to a healthy lifestyle;
  • what diet is right for them;
  • how to maintain their ideal weight;
  • how to get rid of chronic diseases;
  • how to use advanced preventive medicine techniques;
  • how to improve their mental and emotional health.

Clients can ask questions and communicate online with their coach, undergo and repeat training an unlimited number of times, and thus regularly consolidate and practice new knowledge. Training and programs are provided through the form of video lessons, animated videos, audio and written material that clients have the option of listening to or reading. A subscription lasts twelve months.

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Time management is the process through which a person consciously manages the time spent on solving tasks in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Those who master time management, are gaining a valuable skill that will help them improve the way in which they complete professional and personal projects and tasks.
The users will learn:

  • how to plan effectively;
  • how to prioritize;
  • how to improve goal setting;
  • how to delegate duties;
  • how to analyze time resource;
  • how to monitor and carry out cases;
  • how to balance personal and professional life.

Time management is necessary to determine the scope, starting point, development, and completion of any business or project. Our clients can ask questions and communicate online with their coach, undergo training an unlimited number of times, and constantly consolidate and practice new knowledge. Training and programs are provided in the form of video lessons and text programs that can be listened to or read. Each subscription lasts a minimum of 12 months. The online coach and subscription are also available through the Time & Go mobile app.


Leadership skills and abilities are those that allow a person to make full use of their potential and effectively interact with people. They allow a person to motivate and influence a group in order to gain its members’ support. The acquisition of leadership skills can radically change the life even of those who are not interested in leading others.
Leadership skills:

  • generate self-confidence;
  • are the engine of success;
  • guarantee stable development;
  • are powerful tools for achieving goals

The development of leadership qualities helps people interact with others, improve themselves, and articulate and achieve their goals. Such skills allow clients to earn the respect of colleagues, subordinates, household members, and friends, as well as become more influential and successful, assume responsibility for their actions, and learn to attract others who can help them achieve their own goals. Various theories of leadership – e.g. situational, functional, behavioral, integral, etc. – are explained and explored in our leadership programs. Much attention is paid to self-analysis, awareness, the psychology of relationships, and changes in behavior patterns. After undergoing our leadership training, clients will develop the necessary skills and qualities of leaders even if they have never noticed the makings of a leader in themselves. In addition, they will a become confident and communicative, learn to take responsibility for their lives and their team, move up the career ladder, and improve their financial and social status. Training and programs are provided in the form of video lessons and text programs that can be listened to or read. Subscriptions last a minimum of 12 months. The online coach and subscription are also available through the Time & Go mobile app.

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