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Health coach

Health coach

The online health coaching module is a combination of lifestyle enhancing activities. It includes programs, databases and trainings on various nutrition systems, techniques for restoring and maintaining physical and psychological health, methods for preventing diseases and strengthening the whole immune system. Our method of coaching objectively and impartially tells about various methods, systems, approaches to health, provides advice and recommendations for improvement. Leading current opinion of doctors and scientists is covered. You will learn new and interesting facts about food, dietary supplements, global trends to improving health, learn to better listen to your body and understand what is right for you to promote your health and well-being.

As a subscriber you will understand:

  • how to transition to a healthy lifestyle
  • a diet that is right for you
  • how to maintain the weight best for you
  • reduce the chance of catching chronic illnesses
  • how to use advanced preventative medical techniques
  • how to improve mental and emotional health

You will be able to ask questions and communicate online as with any coaching program and take training classes an unlimited number of times to learn and consolidate your new knowledge. Trainings and programs are provided in the form of video programs and text programs that you can read or listen to. Subscription is taken for 12 months and is also available through the Thrive & Go mobile app.

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