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Stress is one of the greatest problems faced by modern mankind. It leads to psycho-emotional disease, the disintegration of families, and sharp drops in the quality of life. When I first decided to try online coaching, I was not even able to dream. I hoped that it would teach me how to manage my emotions, practice positive thinking, and find a balance between career and family. It was not long before I saw changes in the patterns of my behavior. The control technique also improved my sleep. Thank you, ARLI, for your products and desire to help people!
Jacob Menchek, private banking, New York
I like the online coaching format because it is accessible and convenient. Trainings and programs can take place at any convenient time, and there’s no need to spend time on the road and adjust to other people. I myself work as a tennis coach, and so I know that people need an experienced mentor in order to develop skills. Not everyone can afford private lessons with a coach. This is why I liked the innovative solution offered by ARLI Global – training that meets international standards as well as communication with an online coach who nurtures self-development.
Yana Nikolenko, tennis coach, Moscow

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